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Mr. Ayuso is a founding partner of Cancino Ayuso Abogados. He has professionally worked on different areas of law, beginning within the Public Sector (administrative law), after that working on the Private Sector practicing law regarding real estate, venture capital, corporate, foreign investment, and in general, commercial law in a prestigious law firm in Mexico City. Finally, founding Cancino Ayuso Abogados in 2003.


Mr. Ayuso specializes in commercial law including entrepreneur and corporate law, venture capital and real estate, mainly dealing with obligations that local/foreign companies must achieve under the Mexican legal system. Also, he assists clients with the negotiation and implementation of different   commercial transactions, both domestic and internationally. Mr. Ayuso has dedicated a great part of his professional development in transactions regarding the real estate market and providing advisory services to emerging enterprises, established businesses, and individuals.





He holds a law degree from the Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México (“ITAM”) (Mexico City), a Master of Laws (LLM) from McGill University (Montreal, Canada) and a Tax Program from ITAM. Mr. Ayuso published in Canada the thesis “Antidumping in North America: Analysis from a Mexican Perspective with Emphasis on NAFTA Chapter 19” (McGill University, 2002). He is a member of the Mexican Bar Association.




English and Spanish.